Module IMS ID (Patient Identification and Authentication)

  • Authentication via administrative documents to compare stored information and match with ID Card. Authentication through patient fingerprint (all 10 fingers).
  • Authentication through the patient’s face: Utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision to detect multiple biometrics via a webcam system integrated with a tablet or computer.


Module Integrated Patient Information with HIS

  • Synchronize real-time administrative and clinical, service orders information between two different software systems.


Module Management Specialized Functionality for Patients

  • Manage specialized functionality for medical records in IVF, IUI, Andrology, and oocyte donation.
  • Manage lab test results and prescriptions created through HIS software.
  • Managing multiple relationships, preventing errors in sample reception, and ensuring compliance with legal regulations regarding donations at hospitals.
  • Manage relationship history
  • Monitor summary of treatment process


IVF Clinical Module

  • Follow-up, treatment plan determined by doctor.
  • Follow up on all types of treatment: IVF, IUI, PTTH, FET, pregnancy reduction.
  • Manage oocyte retrieval, procedure scheduling, embryo storage, and thawing orders from the doctor to the lab.
  • Print forms for follow-up on IVF, IUI, and mucosal follicle treatment.


Laboratory Module

  • Embryo Culture Follow-up
  • Embryo classification and morphology score calculation
  • Print embryo results for patient
  • Sperm separation follow-up
  • Update procedure participants
  • Specialized functionality for cryo-storage and thawing
  • Export and print Cryo-strorage card for patient

Andrology Module

  • Management, export, print semen analysis based on service orders
  • Treatment for female: IUI, IVF
  • Sperm separation
  • Store sperm-freezing into Tank


Cryo-warehouse, freezing, thawing module

  • Manage all information for cryo-storage.
  • Monitor the warehouse and storage chart of samples, including the location status and capacity status (fullness and emptiness) of all tanks and sample canisters.


Patient Document Management Module

  • Automatically fill all administrative information into administrative forms (contracts, commitments, forms) for infertility treatment. Maximum 30 templates.
  • Manage deficiencies and alert for incomplete treatment records for patients
  • Print medical records for various treatments such as IVF, IUI, donations, and male medical records.
Management Medical Supplies, medium, Lab equipment

  • Management medium culture follow treatment type (IVF, IUI,…): LOT, Date, open date, usage date
  • Management maintenance lab equipment.


Procedure Scheduling and Appointment Module

  • Track patient follow-up appointments by procedure date.
  • Track and print lists of procedures such as IUI, aspiration, FET, etc.
Automated Embryo Morphology Quality Module

  • IMS Automated Embryo Morphology Module, tailored to hospital-specific regulations, facilitates the evaluation and classification of embryos based on lab-recorded morphology.
  • Customized as per laboratory requirements.


Reporting & Statistical Module

  • Report number of procedures per month/year.
  • Chart of procedures per month/year.
  • Standard report as per Ministry of Health regulations for each period.
  • Report on treatment outcomes, fertilization rates.


Sperm Bank Module

  • Manage sperm bank, random sample
  • Secure sperm donation information and sample bank storage.
  • Store information in the bank: skin color, blood type, education level, ethnicity.
Automated Sample Storage Management and Renewal Reminder Module

  • Integration for sending SMS (hospital-provided APIs) and email reminders to patients when samples are due for renewal.
  • Reminder for expiration and allowing users to request renewal within IMS.