IVF Management Software – IMS 5.0

  • Patient Identification and Authentication
  • IVF Clinical Module
  • Laboratory Module
  • Andrology Module
  • Cryo-warehouse, freezing, thawing module
  • Management Medical Supplies, medium, lab equipment
  • Patient Document Management Module
  • Automated Embryo Morphology Quality Module
  • Sperm Bank Module
  • Procedure Scheduling and Appointment Module
  • Reporting & Statistical Module
  • Automated Sample Storage Management and Renewal Reminder Module
  • Integration HIS module

Smart Electronic Witnessing System For IVF Lab – IMS Checker

  • It’s a standalone module for the double-check feature, installed as an add-on to the IMS system.
  • Setup user permissions according to hospital and IVF Facility regulations.
  • Provide labeling, barcode management, and comprehensive management of medical supplies for wrong prevention control processes..
  • Synchronize barcode data and images of medical supplies from peripheral devices for storage, recording history, data reconciliation, and risk control.
  • Verify the double-check process
    + ICSI process
    + Embryo thawing process
    + Separation process
    + And more
  • Recording sample codes.
  • Export data for KPI quality control, mistake detection, and missing processes

Facial Recognition – Face ID- AI

  • Authentication through the patient’s face: Utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision to detect multiple biometrics via a webcam system integrated with a tablet or computer

Mobile App For IVF Patient – IVFlife

Patients self-monitor clinical information
Patients monitoring treatment plan
Patients self-manage sample information, including expiration dates.
Track medication schedule, procedure appointments, follow-up appointments.
Connect with IMS
Application for Android, iOS